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Here are some of the tools I use to build my business and my life. If you’re looking for apps, tools, courses or other things Ive recommended, this is the place to find them.Everything here is something I have used or am currently using.

Take what helps you and don’t worry about the rest

And yes, most of these are affiliate links. That means, should you use these links to buy or signup to something, the company will (probably) send me something for recommending them – maybe money, maybe products. If you don’t like that you 1) should read “Think and Grow Rich” – wealth is not a zero-sum game; and 2) you can always go directly to the companies site and deal with them.

Life Tools

(more coming soon)

Finance Stuff

I’m not an expert on any of this but I know doing something is better than doing nothing.

Acorns – automated, painless investing.

  • I love these guys. They have a way of getting me to save and I hardly feel like I’m doing it.


Business Tools

Web Stuff

The 2 hosting companies I recommend:
I’ve used all of these for different reasons, But the things that matter most to me in hosting are

  1. can I have multiple sites and email addresses?
  2. is the support team fast and do they solve my issues
  3. can I get free SSL (a must these days)

Hosting is only semi-important as it’s a commodity and everyone can do it, but don’t be cheap and look for some $2/month plan – I promise you, the small print will piss you off.

I recommend

  • SiteGround
  • DreamHost


Email things

I’m using AWeber for everything these days. They are really trying hard to help marketers and have a ton of information to get you started right. GetResponse is a good option too.

I used to use MailChimp for the free-tier, but they changed their business model and free doesn’t seem free any more.


in progress…