Friend called with “terrible news”, “it’s bad!”. Davey’s all geared up for cancer or some other imminent death thing… turns out she had to dump her boyfriend and needed to talk. We’re closer to 60 than 16 but whatever…be the friend you want to have or something like that.

SIX HOURS with THREE companies and NINE support people for the weirdest bug I’ve seen in 20 years, but I’v got my main product tool working again. Ugh. The used up my “Deal w/Crap” budget for an entire week.

And I just caught myself whining… OK, over it. All in all a good week, avoiding distractions, making contacts in unexpected places and tightening up my systems. Progress Always!

Hey, it’s our 25th episode! Who said I never follow through on anyth…. SQUIRREL!

(I just noticed this description reads like a Dr. Bronner’s bottle. I don’t know what that’s all about.)

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