So bad song and silly kid’s story aside, today feels like the opposite of yesterday. Yesterday my calendar was over-filled, today’s is nearly blank. Trying to get the balance right… also noticed that, even though I have a 4-month work plan available to me, none of that made it into my daily process, so it “looks like” I have nothing to do, even though I have it all pretty well defined. That’s just a failure of tools, and I’m fixing that this week. I’m also adding a time block called “Deal with Crap time”, where I can spend a half-hour on minor tasks and emails for other people who I need to service once in a while. If anyone needs me, I’ll be dealing with crap at 10:30 M-F.

On the fun side, I’m starting to see progress in my back-office as I feed the top of my cold outreach funnel and see KPIs moving a bit. Needs tweaking but now its starting to feel like the machine I need it to be.

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