For almost anything you want to do in life, there is a map – already made – for you to follow. It’s extremely rare for any human to do anything that, at it’s core, hasn’t already been done. Since you have the map, wouldn’t if be almost difficult to fail? Having a map also means I’m more focused on “what I’m doing next” rather than asking “what should I do next?” My goals are that much closer. Also, knowing that I’m one of those poeple who tries to out-think everyone and do stuff my own way, I’m aware that I need to be vigilant when I find myself trying to find “shortcuts” in the map.

I made a choice to not work with a client. This guy has a history of canceling meetings and he’s always in the middle of some sh*tstorm of his own creation. I also realize that I seem to be thinking about his business more than he is. For all my big ideas, I don’t see him as enthusiastic as I am about his business. As I think about the kind of business I want – along with the lifestyle that goes with it – I’m making a choice to only work with people with the right mindset.

In the physical/mental doldrums last two days. Getting personal cycles right. Sometimes the answer is just going back to bed as long as it’s not your anwser to overwhelm.

Saying NO to other people’s stuff, even when you kinda, sorta want to do it. External projects are a time-suck. Guard your time well and schedule enough buffer time so that, if something comes up that you really want to do, there will be a space for that.

And don’t forget to play with the dogs.

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