I was thinking how making a decision to keep a promise is exactly the same – mechanically at least – as making the desicion not to. Almost found a reason *not to do today’s show, until I found a reason to just go ahead and do the damn thing. I channeled the brain power I would have used for making an excuse into helping me clarify the reasons why I should.

Do you know your hourly rate? I know thinking hourly is for slaves, but still, do you know when paying someone to do that thing you can handle is a smart decision? I lost an hour or so tracking down some weirdness in my email servers, MX, SPF and all the geeky crap I love. But I am sure that the ‘Me’ I want to become in this business isn’t the IT guy. Something to think about for the next 6 months.

*Today’s working backgound music will be “The Clash” all day. Old punks never die (unless they do).

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